find 30 minutes in your day

to watch this video.


the king of cool

the original. two huge songs were sampled from this one. do yourself a favour and listen to this – this is real music.


Throwback Thursday

CYRIOUS PRODUCTIONS – CYRIOUS DRIFT 2009 from Cyrious Productions on Vimeo.

Been a while since i’ve seen this one. Fish-eye, Motorhead, and 12 minutes of awesomeness that takes place when shit really started to get crazy. Crack open a cold one, and enjoy a Drift Posse classic.

Chill for a second.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to remind ourselves that we’re floating through space on a tiny-ass little rock.
Stay trippy, and don’t sweat the small shit.

Got five minutes to waste? Smash your head to this!

After so many years, this still rank’s in my top three instrumentals of all time.

chop dreams.

love a & c


my parents are rad.


she got a big booty, so i call her big booty

if i was santa, y’all be gettin’ dis

- amy

Comb the desert!